Thursday, September 18, 2014

Is Chairman of The Democratic Party of New Mexico Anti-Women?

The chairman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico is busy trying to help Gary King loss his race so that he can run in four years for the same position. He is busy removing women from chairmanships within the party that they were elected to in the first place. He is replacing them with men that hate women.

The party chairman is doing this at a time when he can attack anyone who stands up to him by claiming that we should all be working together during an election cycle. The chairman is planting his own male supporters in key positions within the party so that they can silences any opponent for the next election. He is also using women who hate other women to fill positions. These women are hard core attorneys who feel that normal women are too soft or weak.  

I soundly dislike good old boy types that think they can dismiss women just because of their sex. I have known Gary King for years and he respects women. He listens to them and hears what they say about their issues. He is not a man who only cares about the rich in this state. He is our candidate for governor and we support him! The party chairman is everything and more that Martinez is accusing Gary King of being.

I emailed and facebooked the man that the chairman placed in Nancy Denker’s position on the platform’s committee the day before yesterday and even though he has the title of Director of Communication and Rapid Response, Mr. Harwell has still not returned my request for an answer as to why he would support a removal of a committee chairwomen without due process.  

A number of women within the Democratic Party have expressed their displeasure privately with the failure on the party chairman’s part to work with women in good faith on many issues. Equality for women is an important issue that the women in the party take very seriously. Dismissing request for answers as to why a long time grassroots female democrat is being mistreated and bullied is a major concern. Refusing to speak with a blogger just because she represents the views of women is also very disturbing. Politics is not a game where women can be excluded. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

September 11, 2014 a Time to Remember

I was standing in the facility office watching a television that was setup to show videos to students. Someone had found a wire hanger and fashioned it into an antenna so we could see what was going on. We watched in horror as the first of the twin towers fell. Shortly after we were all sent home to watch the news and be with our own families. My daughter was in grade school and I had found out about the attacks on the radio that morning when the plane hit the Pentagon. I had almost turned the car around at that point to take my daughter home but decided even if the country was under attack that Albuquerque would be the last place to face danger.

I knew from the sound of jet fighters taking off at Kirkland Air Force base that morning that something strange was going on. In my neighborhood you call that sound a early warning system.  Later in the day and for the next few days the skies were clear of commercial planes as the country determined if it was safe to allow planes back into our airspace. The only sound was that of fighter planes taking off from the base.

September 11, 2001 taught most Americans to make sure to tell their children in the morning that they are loved by both parents. It was hard to watch so many Americans loss their lives in a senseless act of violence that day. We remember this day as some Americans still remember Pearl Harbor. Whenever America is attacked on our own soil we remember the loss of life far more than if the individuals were killed in a war far off.

Since that day Americas have learned to live in fear of another attack. As a child I remember practicing what to do if the Soviet Union bombed our country. I was always thankful until that day that our children had not thought much about safety because we were at peace in our own homeland. Now they face dealing with security checks everywhere. Like my generation they lost a little of their childhood security because of that attack. We learned again the hard way that events that happen around the world can and do come to our shores at some point if left unchecked. We don’t want war in other parts of the world but when Americans are attacked far away then we must react to make sure that our country remains a safe place for the everyday lives of our children.

Yesterday President Obama addressed the nation on the issue of ISIS and what must be done to ensure that they will not be a danger to our citizens both here and abroad. Americans are very supportive of the actions he is taking to stop this group from spreading terror. We understand that at times we must make such individuals fear for their own safety if they threaten or take the lives of Americans. Justice is not always a peaceful and kind approach to ending conflict. It must never be our first answer but in the end if pushed too far then America must react to defend our own, in doing so we make the world a more peaceful place to live for all.